Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sunset Lovers, by Katarzyna Gasiorowska
Copyright by Painting Gallery 2004-2011 / All Rights reserved. 

Hide me, 
this world 
so heavy on my shoulders...
My only refuge 
your smile,
my home
your eyes,
our hiding place this Spring,
and the perfume of the lemon flowers,
as words fight their way out of my mind,
like blooming arrows,
straight to your heart.

It's time, now.
Up in the mountain 
we walk,
hand in hand.
Our steps grow side by side on the ground,
in love, in love through the green grass.
Now i can hold you,
you can feel me,
the setting sun so warm.
In our eyes
only thruth,
only light,
our wounds are closing
day by day.
I kiss the fresh scars in your wrists
you lick my bleeding lips
how soothing your kisses are,
making my blood stop flowing,
as dandelions sway in the afternoon breeze,
under this endless sky
our souls are dancing,
soon the stars will appear, caressing our dreams
you and me,
we were here always,
before and after 
and for the years to come,
it's our place
through all this madness,
we are stepping out of this world,
returning here, home at last,
In the land of Love.

I look deep into your eyes
and see my self,
stripped from all the white garments of sorrow,
for the first time...

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