Monday, March 14, 2011

The End of Winter...

Winter has ended with your smile. Sunshine burst in through the windows and I became new again, because I held you in my arms. Snow melted away, I saw the first poppy stain the green field, and the almond tree showed its blossoms suddenly under the blue sky. You were in my arms. Warm, alive, pulsating, my own, my truth, my love. A purple wave of light washed away darkness  as you smiled, as we smiled, enclosed in our cocoon, we emerged out gently, testing our newly opened wings. Our lips bloomed. I shivered under your touch, feeling new life into me. You gave me Spring. Slowly, taking off of me my heavy Winter. And Love starts to run through my blood once more, singing your invigorating song to my veins. I live. Inhaling the first day of Spring from your lips. I breathe Light. I exist. Again...

Lovers Meeting On A Spring Evening, 1767
by Suzuki Harunobu

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