Monday, February 14, 2011

The Circus of Love

I am the Circus of  Love.
!!!...Pierrot, by Carlos Bonvalot, Museo do Chiado, Lisbon
in my eyes you can see
trapeze flyers swinging so high, 
jumping between my eyelids
when i see you...
every time i say your name 
sighing, moaning, dying, 
a white dove
suddenly appears 
from the red scarff of my lips, 
floating in the wind...
My breasts are lions, 
my hands are horses,
my belly  - the big top
where you watch every night

Charles Demuth’s 1917 watercolor The Circus. Photo, Columbus Museum of Art
my heart
performing death defying acts
as you wait 
to catch me 
like a safety net ...
My legs are Clowns
 - the Hobo, the Bum - 
you shiver 
when i wrap them around you
so pale, their curves smiling 
as you caress them...
You laugh, happy
I laugh, loving you so much
I jump through Rings of Fire
Every night
the throwing knives of your love
miss me miraculously
And then
the applause
as I bow before you
and the glorious band plays
the Triumph of our Love 

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  1. Yioooooo..this is awesomeness... a perfect amalgamation of sweet and not-so-sweet emotions... loved it!

    Keep writing. :)