Monday, February 28, 2011


i listen to the swift step of time
Fallen, by Kim Nelson
© 2005 Kim Nelson
All Rights Reserved
crossing over my skin at nights,
i measure distance
with the echo of your voice - 
waves of this sea between us
bring to me smiles, funny faces under un umbrella,
touching fingers across a table...
the sun rises and sets 
finding me floating inside your thoughts
liquid solitude
flowing from every pore of my heart...
Late in the afternoon
i open my eyes touched by your shadow
i eat you breathe you smell you
the ceiling of my room turns into
one reversed meadow of your face... 
you crawl on me like a lost dream
I hang on to your neck
I want to stay there forever
tasting with my lips
your heartthrob...
I am waiting for you
every day
every night
watching you coming closer and closer
behind my eclipsed moon
My hands full of heather...
my heart full of you....  

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