Friday, February 4, 2011

ambition of a poet...

photo found at  FROM THE DARK
eat my lines
swallow my verses
they are nothing but my breathing in the night
when you sleep
and i lay awake searching for questions

tear apart 
all my pages
throw the black ink of my heart
upon them
let the words stain your soul
return to where they came from
dancing on your tongue 
singing in your ears
nesting inside you

burn my poems
to keep your heart warm 
in the middle of a frozen dream

scatter their ashes to the wind
let my writings
die under cherry trees and lovers's cries
leave my words to melt inside your lips
like the mad fruits of despair and agony
make my  thin paper flesh
white origami birds
butterflies, kites, snow flakes, lost hopes

forget me, in the end
forget me  - 
let me
the poem.... 

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