Monday, November 1, 2010

Biting the wings of a butterfly

Fall's embrace, by Lauri Blank at Blank Studio Gallery

I am biting the wings of a butterfly
my love for you, drips like blood
I am all so full of it

taking off my dress of sorrow
 you see me as I am
naked in front of you
before even Time gave birth to my soul
you knew me
you loved me
you held me
you open me
you gaze at me, hungry
piercing me with fire
you take me in your hands
a soft fleshy clay
and smiling
you give shape to my wanting
I am nothing
inside you I am everything
a flash of light
and the sigh of a star
a newly born desire
I become yours
and your eyes
full of lust
cut me in two
and make me
whole again
fighting me
make me come
and nest
eating from your hand…

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