Sunday, November 28, 2010

The kiss

The kiss. The soft moist touching of souls. Lips, tongues, teeth. A whole world enclosed between the mingling of breaths, sighs... Trembling shivering discovery of you. Of me. Of  US. Every time a new revelation.  Long kiss, deep kiss, soft kiss, hard kiss, mad kiss, wanted kiss, stollen kiss, first kiss, last kiss, passionate kiss, kiss of hello's and kiss of goodbye's, kiss of a mother, kiss of a child,  kiss of love and kiss of hatred, kiss of faith and kiss of betrayal, kiss of light and kiss of shadows, kiss of the fool, kiss of the crazy, kiss of the damned... As many kisses as there are humans upon this globe of fumes... And yet, a kiss can be just a kiss...a sigh, just a sigh... 

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