Monday, October 4, 2010

This autumn evening

This autumn evening my dark room suddenly lightens up from the glow of his love. As I lay alone on my bed, watching a piece of the night sky from my window. Slowly this night sky enters into my room, creeping in, indigo blue, from every small part of the wooden windowsill, melting through the glass... Soon I rest under the stars. the cool night air makes my cheaks blush. No colors. No shadows. No sounds. Just the beating of my heart upon my pillow. And then... his thought comes. Like a flash. Like a bright shooting star. The Moon rises in the middle of my ceiling. Full, enchanted, glowing. His love is all around me. I am floating inside it. I breath it. That love becomes my breath. I am all in him. He is all in me. Together under this minuscule night sky... under this inner Moon. The time that I lose my self in his arms is coming....He pins softly the Moon in my hair. I am all Light. He is my Sun. We are One...  

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    loved the way he pinned the moon softly in your hair :)