Wednesday, April 10, 2013


photo found at waytoawakening |
the moon falls eclipsed inside your eyes
an hour before dawn
your fingers burn my lust
leaving a crimson pleasure mark
on that soft place on my shoulder
that you call yours...

my lips form the shape of your existence
you know how i love to taste your questions
with the tip of my tongue
swallowing your hesitation...

Outside the four walls of your heart
my rain falls penetrating your intuition
I knew you were coming
Someone told me in a dream within another dream
Old like the sand dunes in a desert that exists no more...

Oh...That Gipsy Time...
He smiles  with black painted eyes
and whispers a song
bargaining my sanity for you ...

He reads my palm, looking in my eyes
He reads  my palm, caressing the line
where karma - or just a wrinkle of twisted fate -
crosses my skin forming your name
in deep circles...

I hold you in my arms 
knowing you 
following the long road of every cherry kiss 
where the tongue and the hand and the sigh leads

And now i am no longer me
and you are no longer you 

Now we dive deep into this darkness
intoxicated, crazy
Now we rise higher and higher
beating in one ultimate pulse 
inside our foamy flesh...
And suddenly - 

The moon falls eclipsed inside my eyes
stabbed with your sharp longing
as we move in waves
until we lay with our bodies shining
bleeding Eros
into a sea of screams...


  1. What a beautiful piece of love
    this is that you have shared Yiota.

    The art is also impeccible.

    hugs Sharon

  2. Thank you so much, dear Sharon. Love is what makes the universe flows... :)