Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lilies of the field

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Rosy shades of  the evening
The last touch of light over the hills


My troubled mind lays gently over a reverie
when the first star appears in the sky

I try hard to believe
that an invisible hand can take my life
through the waters of time
and guide it safe 
where it has to go...
My faith
thin thread of thoughts 
hanging from the edge of my soul
a talisman of hope
Your hand still warm on my shoulder
walking with You
if ever a sinner can walk with God...
maybe in a dream
my feet step upon 
the lilies of the field
who do not weave
and yet they shine under the setting sun

am i of shalow faith?
i dared believe in another dream, once...
i still carry the glass pieces in my heart
I pray for a love 
for a kiss
for a rain over our bodies
to wash away old sins and wounds 
mistakes that hurt still when 
a sound or a song or a color
resurrects the pain from the dead.... 

My feet upon 
the lilies of the field
your absence penetrates my dream
with one thousand sharp memories
I want to believe
i need to believe
that you will be here 
when the first sun ray breaks the siege of the night
and this cold dream
will crack from side to side
setting our hearts free...

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  1. This is lovely particularly the last stanza ~ There is hope and promise of the first sun ray, after a night spent with a troubled mind ~ May you find peace and light ~

  2. Thank you, Grace :) I always try not to lose hope :) Peace and light is what we all need :)

  3. ya know..he used to walk a lot with sinners..smiles...grab that hand and don't let it go...

  4. Well, i sure do try, Claudia...I sure do try :)

  5. nice....i like the walk through the field of lilies and even the repetition of that gives the feel of it...and the questions that often come with faith as well....i dont think doubt means a shallow faith...personally...

  6. It makes you wonder, though...Sometimes we do try hard not to lose faith :)

  7. Keep your hope up this is a wonderful piece go poetry ;-)

  8. I believe that the opposite of faith is not doubt; it is certainty. Faith demands that there are things that cannot be known, only trusted. Certainty demands that everything must be knowable and known.

    This is a beautiful poem of yearning for greater faith, greater love - and I hope the prayer it speaks finds its answer.

  9. Your faith is present here in this poem. If it was not important to you, you would not have contemplated. We all doubt sometimes. Just think about Thomas (Doubting Thomas) in the Bible. He knew Jesus, but had his time of doubts as well. We are human.

  10. Thank you, Mary. I trust God and i know he is patient with me in all my wanderings :)

  11. Wonderful thought-provoking poem that touches us all as we make our way through the ups and downs of life. I see this as a prayer. These lines say it all:

    My faith
    thin thread of thoughts
    hanging from the edge of my soul

  12. I'm feeling your soul in this.. And I would walk with you, if I could - thanks for this vision Scott

  13. Wow! Now I want to read more of your poetry!
    Mark Butkus

  14. Thank you so much, Mark :) I'm hoping i can publish some soon :)