Monday, January 7, 2013

Misty road

Vitaly Geyman B&W Tree Photography Copyright © 2013, Squidoo, LLC and respective copyright owners

misty road, where are you taking me?
turning and turning
cutting my fears in two
through a dark forest of memories
where are you taking me?
my shoulders heavy 
I whispered my last farewells 
I walked for years and years
under sun and rain and snow
and the wide open eyes of men
who were holding on to their small lifes
watching me going by 
dragging my dusty slow footsteps in the dark
like a wounded soldier returning home...
But where is my home?
Misty road, where are you taking me?
i once had a worn ancient map showing me the way
but it was torn apart to pieces from violent winds 
when this night inside was questioning my reason
all I am left is my broken compass 
always pointing to a purple love that rusted and cracked
little by little, step after step...
I stand now tired and old
the darkness is calling
to a dream that is cold and hollow
but where are you taking me, my only friend,
misty road? you know i will follow... 

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  1. ah as a friend of the road i understand...took me a long time to settle down and still the road calls me...of course it all makes for a great metaphor for life as well...smiles.

  2. Yes :) Life is a road, we always ask silently inside our hearts where does it takes us, but we always follow, no matter how misty the road...Kavafis said in "Ithaca" that the only important thing is the journey itself. Not the destination :)

  3. Somehow the road leaves us to where we have to go, always moving in the right direction. And I think we have to trust the direction. I enjoyed your poem.

  4. def. an intense scene...the broken compass ..the road calling...the not knowing where it's an exciting and frightening journey at times..isn't it..

  5. Sometmes we need to ignore that inner compass and follow the road that compels. I like much the doubt, the dark shades in this piece. Cheers! ~Jackie Dick

  6. Sometimes we must ignore the inner compass and follow the compelling road. I like this piece alot!

  7. This is extraordinarily beautiful and emotionally intense. Great blog!!