Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Wish

Soulmates, by Helena Reznikova 
Love me
take me into your soul
like an orphaned child
like a cloud wandering over this Earth
Love me

My heart spells your name
synchronized in the flow of your blood
i was waiting for you
my mutilated soul
still felt you
as if you were a part of me
like one feels a missing leg or a missing hand
that is no longer there
but how do you feel a missing heart?....

the first time i saw you
i was drowned inside your memories
the knowledge came swift like a storm
the truth that i was you and you were me
a long time ago

Now  light caresses my frozen shadow
darkness reaches out to swallow me
showing its sharp teeth

a  whole with no end

Save me
Love me
Remember me....

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