Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A vision (More than flesh and bones)

The rain falls all day today
Am laying naked on the couch
nested warm under the blanket
I long for your hand
Counting across the window 
Raindrops and our dreams that lost their way
Your fingers paint on the cold glass 
A heart and a secret sign
You kneel close and  kiss my hair
Your  warmth  like a desert wind over my skin
your touch a blessing
fireflies in my eyes
You smell like the rain outside
naked and true and wonderful
I lose my breath feeling you
I need your comfort as you need mine
God loves us both, you whisper
You join me, curling around my wounded soul with your pain
Like an ancient plant
You cover me with your longing
We are both outcasts
We are licking our wounds
Two lonely souls in this crazy cruel world
And thus we stay
Loving each other quietly
Loving each other deeply
Minutes run to hours
The night covers us with shadows
You breathe on my shoulder
The rain always drips singing us to sleep

Profoundly mortal and free  in our nakedness we lay
You and me
And the falling rain 

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