Friday, August 31, 2012

Full Moon.

The bar is small, quiet and melancholy. She sits on the bench having her vodka lemon, her ...fourth, fifth? She lost count. They are playing the blues tonight. It suits her mood perfectly. Her thoughts travel hopping upon every note, her harmonic solitude drips inside her half empty glass. Life sucks. She's been there before. Too many times. She twists and turns a lock of her black hair, absentminded. She only cares about her new lover... He probably isnt interested in her...Sporadic talking on the phone, flirtings and then he disappears for days... She wants to tell him he is the only one she needs. The only one she wants to know better and deeper. "He knows that, stupid woman", her mind answers. "If he wants you, where is he now?...". "You are right, as always..." she admits as she takes the last sip of the bitter boose down her throat. A guy next to her offers to buy her another drink. She smiles, dizzy "No, thanks". He smiles back, lowering his head. "Perhaps another time, then..." he says. "Perhaps", she answers back as she steps down her stool. She is desperate for some fresh air, if there is any. Full Moon  tonight. Every body gets drunk and horny...

She steps outside into the bottomless night. City sounds, noise, stench. The heat is growing. She lifts her shoulders and takes the lonely way back home. Around the corner, some unknown man tries to pick her up. "He thinks am a hooker", she mumbles to herself. Her black top and short red skirt and high heels surely must have given him that stupid impression. For a moment she hesitates...Her mind is playing games, all kinds... She is half drunk, she can't see his face clearly...He is in the shadows, but his voice is soft and almost ordering her to follow...Her wounded mind plays all sorts of tricks tonight...Maybe its the full moon, she thinks. For one split of a second, her heart starts to pump blood like crazy. Fear embraces her with its black wings. The unknown man gets his answer. "Follow me..." and she follows. Tonight her heart  can open the gates of Hell. She wants to be consumed. She goes quietly with him. Later on, she will tell him she's not who he thinks she is, and will turn away and leave. Her body starts to get excited, betraying her mind. How can this be?...

The alley is dark and moist. The heat almost touchable. She feels her skin wet . He leads her. Against the dirty wall at the back side of an old cafe, maybe... She can't tell. The darkness enters her heart, body, soul. But she doesn't hesitate. She will go till the end. The new lover she wants, he isn't interested in her, anyway...Her old lover now feels as good as dead. This man tonight, is the only man she wants. Now. Here. Her hands sweat. She tries to wipe them behind her back. He senses her tremor...His hand pulls her close. She can feel his arousement as his breathing becomes faster. His scent, a mixture of wood and soil and citrus. So intoxicating. He is touching her throat, one long caress down to the edge of her breasts... For one second, she feels she wants to fall down. Her legs tired from the heels, but the need in her starts to unfold. Her mind, a lake of dark water. He takes her hand and shows her his wanting. He doesn't speak. She feels his breath heavy against her lips. The touch shakes her . All her senses open widely into the night. She knows its inevitable, she has chosen it...

His fingers, knowing, raise her skirt. Find her secret place. Explore. She bites her lips. He doesn't kiss, she doesnt either. She follows with her every thought. "Hookers dont enjoy these things," her inner voice says laughing... "Turn", he orders. She obeys. The cool wall against her breasts and palms and face feels a bit soothing to her flame. Suddenly he stops. Soon she is exposed under his look.  His manhood finds her through her wet panties... The power of him  overwhelms her. Her body melts, disolves into thousands of prisms. "Scream", he whispers to her ear. Her mind all a blur. "Scream", he insinsts, commands her. She lets the air through her lungs to find its way high in her throat, then out of her lips a long scream, a long sigh, strong, as he moves into her violently, holding her tight on to him.
She finds herself floating into a sea of sinful nirvana. "What is all this?", the voice in her head..."What?...How?..." Waves come and go. Her body obeys its nature. The proof of his desire feels strangely warm and soothing. He still holds her tight. The Tide of the Blood rises, falls, one thousand times...

"I exceeded  the limits. I did it. Now am on the dark side of my road", she talks to her self. She doesn't care anymore for her nakedness. She doesn't care anymore for the new lover who isn't interested in her, anyway... She feels altered. Transformed. Free.
The unknown man turns her around, she stands facing him. The moment of Truth...She can't look at him, so she stares at her high heels. "Just to let you know, am not a hooker...."
"I know", his voice hits her ears like a fierce night wind. The Full moon is hanging over them lighting untold passions and desires. Time stands. Full stop.
Her mind starts to analyse his words. "I know..."
He steps out of the darkness, exposing his countenance under the bright moonlight.
He takes her face into his palms and turns her chin up, his eyes into hers.
The recognition comes to her  like  a crush over a rocky shore.
"You....." "Yes"
"I thought..You were delaying to answer my calls, messages...You disappeared for days, I thought..."
"Shhhhh.... You talk too much,  baby..."
"I thought you werent interested in me"... she says blushing...her words drown her surprise, her excitement still holds her motionless in front of him.
"Slowly, so slowly/ the unripe fruit / becomes honey dripping,", he quotes softly kissing her lips, his velvet voice reaching to the very core of her heart.
She hears the Full Moon above laughing at her...

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