Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Lovers in Paphos, painting by Miki De Goodaboom

                                                                           my heart
wears all colors 
except the white of your eyes
It rises like the moon
over a sea of yearning

I am an archer hunting your pearlescent dreams 
we are laying still 
breathing through eachother's lips
the quiet evenings
when the summer heat is caressing the walls
when the sea is dancing
and we listen to the sound
 of the tiny spider weaving a love web

my heart 
wears all colors
except the white of your misty arms
i wake up from the unexpected rain of longing
your love, a garland of lights on my body
your love, a wreath of fire under my skin 
between shadows and stars,
my fingers have a memory of their own 

at nights
my heart
wears all colors
except the white of your unfathomable eyes...