Friday, August 5, 2011

43 seconds

"Garden in Hiroshima"

-"it took only 43 seconds"...

the girl always comes to my dreams the night before
I am always at the same place
a small shop selling flowers and promises
downtown in old Hiroshima 
nights filled with water
and street lights
she is always there
with her burning hands
her eyes melting from their sockets
as her fingers fade away
she is always there
asking me how can a little boy
do such a terrible thing in just 43 seconds
she always used to play with the little boys in her neighbourhood
her doll walks beside her

i sweat and feel breath against my face
the wind is blowing
the girl always stands still
smiling with no lips
watching me with no eyes
and the words are stuck in my mouth 
and don't come out
how can i talk?
what can i say?
It was a necessary evil, they said,
the benevolent butchers back then... 
she whistles a song
back from the old good happy days
of cherry blossoms and holidays
i know she is a ghost
i know she will always smile at 
the Great Artiste who came to paint
her city
with the colours of death
taking photos
of a crime
just for history's sake
that day the dawn appeared so promising
i close my mouth
so she wont hear me sobbing
i can't hold my tears any more
i wish i could take back
these 43 seconds
but they are frozen inside the very heart of Time
everything has turned to stone
as i open my eyes in agony
8:15 in the morning...

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