Friday, May 27, 2011

The Jesters

Amore, by Lucia Merli (c)
It was the end of spring
the time when tired steps 
become slower, slower
they met
outside time
in another space,
the jesters,
their love was
unique, splendind, 
true, forever....
and all these crazy words
that remain sweet
to hide away the bitter taste of dreams
between bells and painted faces
tears like smiles, 
smiles like fears,
the awakening of a great love
the awakening from a great nightmare

so at the beginning of summer
they were still 
near the end of last spring
nurturing love
with the transvestite hopes
of a king's fool ... 


  1. thanks for publishing my picture,
    with cordiality,
    Lucia Merli

  2. It is a great honor and pleasure to host in my humble blog your beautiful art, thank you :)