Thursday, March 17, 2011


Once, i held the light of truth in my hands
I wandered to the hights, i spoke with gods
I faced life and make it my own
with one swift move....
I looked the Sphinx in the eye, one rainy afternoon...
there was fear inside her,
she knew 
i was her despair and peril, 
i was her end, while she
was my beginning...

I solved the horrid Riddle - 
Who else could take 
the burden of this curse
to his shoulders, 
without wings, without a shield, 
without the armor of love?
I was an orphan -  
the child of Luck.
I was born cursed, 
and yet
my mind has chosen right
but my prize was an empty cup.

I just wanted to learn ...
Who was I?
What was I?
Why was I?

I fell.

And yet, still
I was the one
who solved
the Riddle...

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