Saturday, January 8, 2011

The dream

It's the same dream, over and over again. Every night, on and on. It haunts her. She sits frozen, motionless, still as a piece of ice. She is melting. The same dream. A place with no name and no shape. Spaces, colors, senses, all a blur. But she knows it's a shore. She is walking in a shore. Time, maybe midnight. The sea, she can hear it. Moaning, gently. Waves coming and going. She can see it. Constantly moving, in a hypnotising rhythm. The sea. An unknown ocean. But to her seems familiar. She has been there before. The sand under her feet, like a warm living body. Soft. Welcoming. A soft wind, makes her turn towards the sky. Millions of stars. The milky way flows just above her head. She raises her hand, touching it almost. The stars tremble singing in a strange melody. Ancient as her soul. And then, she sees it. The passing of three planets in alignment, a celestial dance. She feels her body full of Love. Amazed by the beauty of this inner universe. Tears starting to fall on the sand. And her loneliness engulfs her like a radiant shadow. She starts to shout, cry, but her voice can't come out of her lips. No sound at all, only the music of her soul. Only the bitter taste in her mouth, the feeling that she is alone in this strange world. And then... She wakes. The room is as she remembers it. Everything in its usual place. Her hands reaching at her side, searching... Nothing. No one. The shape of her spare pillows fooled her for a second, maybe two... She breaths. Slowly. Knowing it is the same dream again, like last night. She stands frozen. Her lips open slightly, her nostrils smelling the scent of the night. Silence takes form in shadows. But her eyes are still full of stars... 

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  1. That's as real as a dream can be. so well written too. like it.